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Complete Sand Production Line Equipment

Complete Sand Production Line Equipment

What are the complete equipment for the sand production line?

The complete set of sand production line includes feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, conveyor, etc. According to the transaction price on the market, it generally needs more than 200,000. If you choose a mobile production line, the price will be relatively higher.

Sand production line full equipment price

The market for machine-made sand has been expanding with the advancement of infrastructure projects. More and more project leaders have abandoned the natural sand that has soared in price, and instead used machine sand as the main material for the project. The advancement of science and technology has also led to the maturity of sand making technology. Nowadays, the finished products produced by large sand making machines not only have high output, but also the grain type is in line with the standard of industrial sand. In the face of the prospective sand and gravel industry, many investors have I want to join, but for those who are just getting started, it is the key to understanding the device first.

There are many factors that affect the price of equipment, such as the type of equipment, model, regional consumption level, and manufacturers and business models. This is also the reason why there is no specific number on the search engine. If you want to know the detailed quotation, you can click on the free consultation. The professional technical manager combines your needs with the actual situation, and provides you with an accurate online quote. You can also get exclusive offers now.

Sand Production Line

The market space of machine-made sand is getting bigger and bigger, and from the data point of view, its selling price is also rising. If you want to seize the opportunity and obtain high profits, you need to start with the selective investment equipment. Many users are just touching the sand. The stone industry does not know much about the production process and the program. This paper summarizes the complete configuration scheme with wide applicability and high operational efficiency. The main equipment advantages are as follows.

The mobile sand making machine belongs to a new type of sand making equipment. The single machine covers a variety of equipments for sand making, conveying and feeding. The general user will choose two or more joint operations to form an efficient sand making production line with flexibility. High-performance, intelligent control, small footprint, free access to the site, and so on, there is almost no transportation cost in the later period, which can greatly shorten the return cycle.

Jaw Crusher: The superior crushing force and crushing ratio are one of the reasons why the general production line can not be separated from it. Combined with the high wear-resistant material lining, the maintenance cost can be reduced, and the range of materials that can be processed is wide. There is no need to worry about the problem that the material with too high hardness cannot be broken, and the failure rate of the equipment is low and the operation is reliable.

Impact crusher: The unique working principle makes the finished grain shape of the finished product very good. It is only necessary to adjust the gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer by adjusting the particle size of the finished product. The operation is simple, and it is selected as the secondary crushing device. It can facilitate the sand making machine to carry out the next operation, and can meet the needs of some users for the stone.

Sand making machine: At present, there are two popular -VSI sand making machine, VSI5X sand making machine. The VSI5X sand making machine is more advanced in technology. The throwing head and the lubrication scheme are all modularized. The peripheral guard plate can realize the upper and lower U-turn extended service life; the VSI sand making machine is called cost-effective sand making. Equipment, the initial investment cost is low, but the effect is very good, the crushing cavity of stone iron, the work efficiency is high.

Sand washing machine: Responsible for the end of the complete production line, remove the impurities such as the surface of the mechanical sand or the doped soil, improve the overall gradation and quality, so that users can sell at a higher price, the equipment structure is simple, The special design of the transmission components also avoids contamination and other conditions.

Vibrating screen: It can screen the finished products of different particle sizes one by one, or form a closed loop operation with the sand making machine. The equipment generally sets three to four layers of screen according to the user's requirements, and there is almost no screen except the screen. Consumables are easy to use and easy to maintain.

Feeder and conveyor: Although it belongs to auxiliary equipment, it plays an important role. The former is responsible for continuous feeding operations, and at the same time, it can effectively avoid the phenomenon of blocking materials. The conveyor is to understand the various processes. The equipment, smooth transportation of materials can maintain the high efficiency of the production line.

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