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Cement Grinding Table Segments

Cement Grinding Table Segments

Cement industry is an important pillar of our industrial economy, also is our country in the international competition has the resources advantage, market and technology advantages of an industry, has a good development prospect. Although at present due to overcapacity, merger and reorganization, electricity and so on a series of problems in the cement market downturn, however, a new urban plan, the new affordable housing construction, water conservancy investment, urban village reconstruction, high-speed railway, highway, railway infrastructure construction such as there is no doubt a huge market for cement industry.

At the same time, cement grinding table segments technology is also growing. Cement grinding aid is suitable for all kinds of grinding process and mixed material varieties, and can effectively increase the yield and strength of cement mill, improve the performance of cement and reduce the production cost, is one of the effective measures of saving energy and reducing consumption of cement enterprise, is now soliciting applications enterprise, free transfer efficient grinding agent production technology. Mill is mainly used for various of minerals such as slag, limestone, barite powder processing. The use of GGBS increasingly common, fly ash will be used in the powder form. Therefore, every new grinding end station to consider in the cement, cement silo before slag or fly ash and slag powder library (or fly ash) JiLiangCheng, in order to match with the ground cement after "homogenization" into the cement silo. It can not only improve the quality of cement, but also greatly increase the output of cement grinding station. Mill equipment is the core of cement grinding station equipment, in recent years in product quality, equipment, process, technology has improved in such aspects as, to a certain extent solved the cement grinding station construction problems.

Cement Grinding Equipment

Cement grinding station is finally finished stage of cement production the formation of individual independence and cement products production units. The stage of cement grinding table segments will join the right amount of cement clinker powder ink on mixed material, cement finished product output. The production of cement, generally can be divided into raw meal preparation, clinker calcining and cement made from three processes, etc. Silicate class representative in the cement production technology in the cement production, is a limestone and clay as the main raw material, through crushing, ingredients, fine grinding raw materials, and feeding in the cement kiln calcining mature material, then add the clinker gypsum (sometimes mixed with mixed material or admixture) mill.

The layout of the cement production is established in the mining area of cement clinker production line, near the cement sales market build cement grinding station, in order to reduce transportation costs. If the clinker production line was built near the city, each 1 t clinker production, need around 1.6 t of cement raw meal, transportation cost is increased by 60%. If the cement grinding station built in mine with clinker production line, because most of the mixed material is produced by the city waste residue, the mixed material to be shipped to cement plants built in the vicinity of mine, then to the city after ground into cement, increased transportation costs. Therefore, clinker production line will be built near the mines, cement grinding station will be built near the market. Cement grinding station is a benefit of green industry.

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