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Car Integrated Crusher

Car Integrated Crusher

The vehicle-mounted pulverizer makes the construction waste sorting and recycling more convenient and convenient.

In fact, not only domestic garbage needs to be classified and recycled. With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the construction industry is also developing rapidly at the same time. The accompanying construction waste is increasing, and it is increasing year by year. Therefore, construction waste should also be classified. Recycling, and the one-in-one pulverizer makes it more convenient and quick to sort and recycle.

The vehicle-mounted pulverizer makes the construction waste sorting and recycling more convenient and convenient. Domestic garbage has caused troubles and health problems for a long time. Construction waste will also bring pollution and occupy land resources. With the classification and recycling of domestic garbage, domestic garbage has already had good results, but where should construction waste go?

A powerful tool for handling construction waste

The distribution of construction waste is relatively scattered. In order to reduce unnecessary secondary transportation pollution and to handle it more conveniently, this has stricter requirements for the tools for processing it. One of the more important points is that mobility is flexible and can be used. Going, the transition is convenient, and this coincides with the on-board integrated crusher.

The vehicle-mounted pulverizer is equipped with a tire drive. It is a semi-trailer that can be hung directly on the front of the car. In addition, it has a small footprint, and the mobile rack can take up the configuration of the entire production line, such as the feeder and the main crusher. , screening machine, etc., the complete set of strong, avoiding the difficulty of the fixed production line is difficult to move, no need to disassemble. At the same time, according to the production demand, a variety of equipment can be exchanged and matched, cost-effective and easy to use.

The vehicle-mounted pulverizer starts to process construction waste

There is a large amount of debris in construction waste, such as scrap iron, glass, wood, waste plastics, etc., especially scrap steel and scrap iron wire in reinforced concrete. Therefore, there is a debris sorting device disposed on the vehicle integrated crusher. For example, after removing the iron separator and wind-driven air sorting machine equipment, after the classification, the waste concrete and bricks that can be crushed are fed into the crushing chamber of the crusher through the feeder to pulverize, and it is often necessary to work with two in-vehicle integrated crushers. After being processed by the first in-vehicle integrated jaw crusher, it is then pulverized again into the vehicle-mounted counter-type crusher, and becomes a recyclable aggregate after treatment.

Construction waste classified by car-mounted pulverizer

The waste concrete and bricks with more construction waste content can be re-used into various coarse and fine aggregates after being crushed by the vehicle-mounted pulverizer. They can be used for concrete configuration, paving roadbeds, producing environmentally friendly bricks, soundproof walls, etc. The discarded wood can be directly used for building reconstruction without obvious damage. The damaged wood can be used as wood recycled board or papermaking; which steel and wire can be melted and recasted... It can be seen that construction waste is a treasure, not The real garbage, after being processed by the vehicle-mounted pulverizer, has more than doubled.

The integrated vehicle shredder makes the construction waste sorting and recycling more convenient and convenient. The construction waste is no longer a problem for people. At the same time, construction waste is also a valuable resource. The raw materials are easy to obtain and cheap, and the aggregate price is processed by the vehicle integrated crusher. It is very high, this is indeed a rare business opportunity.

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