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Calcium Carbonate Production Line

Calcium Carbonate Production Line

The calcium carbonate crushing and grinding processing line is a production line for preparing heavy calcium powder. The finished product has a good granularity and a wide sales market, which is popular among downstream users and brings considerable profits to investors. Whether the equipment selection is reasonable or not depends on the operation efficiency and production capacity of the entire production line, especially the main equipment. The following describes the selection of the main equipment for the calcium carbonate crushing and grinding production line.

Calcium carbonate grinding production line process

  1. 1. Crushing: Usually calcium carbonate treatment usually has a large size. It is impossible to grind because of the limited size of the input opening. Such a large stone can be pulverized into small pieces. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use a hammer crusher or a small jaw crusher for the crushing equipment on the calcium carbonate production line.
  2. 2. Lifting: The opening of the calcium carbonate mill is usually at the top of the frame, so the material must be lifted to the top of the machine for feeding. The bucket elevator is a better equipment with a small footprint to ensure smooth feeding.1.jpg
  3. 3. Grinding: Grinding process is the core component of the whole calcium carbonate grinding production line. It usually includes calcium carbonate mill, analysis machine, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, classifier, etc. With the action of the roller, The material is ground to a high degree of fineness until it is discharged.
  4. 4. Dust removal: This is the last step of the calcium carbonate grinding production line process. The grinding production not only causes pollution but also hurts the health of workers. Therefore, we are equipped with a high-tech dust removal system to filter out more than 95% of dust and dust removal effect.

Calcium carbonate grinding production line features

From the actual situation, the scientific and rational calcium carbonate production line configuration plan has more prominent advantages, which are manifested in the following aspects:

  1. 1. Integrating crushing, milling, screening, packaging, etc., the system is very strong, the configuration between the devices is more reasonable, the floor space is small, and the capital investment is saved;
  2. 2, equipped with efficient and advanced dust removal equipment, can reduce dust discharge, dust removal effect of up to 99.99%, can improve the on-site environment, achieve green dust-free operation;
  3. 3, using PLC automatic control system, can realize computer remote control, no need for workshop staff, reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency, and make operation easier;
  4. 4. The milling ratio is large and the powdering rate is high. The finished calcium carbonate fine powder has high purity and uniform texture, and the screening rate can reach more than 99.98%, avoiding the phenomenon of blocking material and maintaining the quality stability of the finished product;
  5. 5, the installation of an explosion-proof system, can avoid the occurrence of dust explosion accidents caused by excessive moisture content or improper operation of materials, improve the operational safety of the production line;
  6. 6. The total investment cost is relatively low, and the income is greater, which can create greater economic benefits for the enterprise.

Milling equipment selection


The key step in the preparation of heavy calcium powder is the milling step of the calcium carbonate production line. Since the particle size requirements of the finished product do not pass, the type of milling equipment selected in this process will also be different. When the user wants to produce heavy calcium powder with a particle size larger than 325 mesh, the ultrafine mill or the three-ring medium-speed micro-powder grinding machine should be selected. If the finished product size is less than 325, the Raymond mill can be selected. It is enough to use. Such a choice can avoid overkill and avoid the waste of funds.

The production line equipment is independently developed and designed by our company. The quality is more reliable and the price is cheaper. The production line equipment configuration is more scientific and more reasonable, so the whole production line price is more cost-effective. However, the production line prices for different production standards will vary. For detailed price information, please consult online customer service for free.

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