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Calcite Powder Grinding Equipment

Calcite Powder Grinding Equipment

Calcite name comes easily broken along its cleavage into square pieces. Calcite and more generally white or colorless , transparent and colorless , also known as Iceland spar calcite , calcite such a wonderful feature is that it can see through the object was a double image. Calcite is mainly composed of calcium carbonate , the main purpose is to make heavy and light calcium calcium . Calcite is the most upstream industrial manufacturing and raw materials , including almost all of the severity of production and manufacturing sectors of industry. Calcite can allow for filling in the food additives used in the metallurgical industry flux in terms of the construction industry for the production of cement, lime, can be used for paper, can also be used in plastics, toothpaste, such as a glass production processing .

Calcite Powder Grinding Equipment works

Calcite powder grinding equipment work will be required from the machine -pulverized material into a hopper into the side of the housing unit, the suspended host plum depend roller rack means revolving around the vertical axis , while its rotation, the centrifugal force due to rotation role , roller swing outward , pressed on grinding ring , so that the material sent to the shovel blade between the roller and grinding ring rolling mill rolls by rolling to achieve the purpose of the crushed material . Calcite powder grinding equipment winnowing process: grinding calcite , fans will be blown inside the White chassis, blowing powder into the grinding chamber through the top of the analyzer sorting, fine through coarse material falls back into the grinding chamber heavy grinding fineness meet the specifications into the cyclone collector with the airflow , after collecting the powder outlet exhaust , is finished. Merry cyclone collector of return air back into the upper end of the fan duct , the air duct is circular , and the flow in the vacuum state , the amount of circulating air duct portion is increased by the exhaust fan and duct of the intermediate host is discharged into the small cyclone collection , a purification.

Increase production of Calcite Powder Grinding Equipment

In fact, a low amount of powder to solve the problem, we need to stop checking locks flour mill equipment whether there is leakage, whether duct smooth, abrasion is serious birth canal , pipe sealing performance is intact , one investigation , if we find a problem should immediately be maintained . To increase production problems calcite powder mill , because yield and fineness of the powder has a direct relationship , therefore , resulting in product size decreased by increasing the amount of wind blower motor speed and so reduce the analysis will often outweigh the benefits of such methods . That in the end there is no more appropriate and effective way to do that ? Here are three solutions calcite powder grinding equipment production problems. First, before the calcite powder grinding equipment with a grinder efficient crushing machine ; Second, calcite powder grinder technological improvements , improve efficiency ; three , adding a separator . This three methods to improve the production of calcite powder grinder very good results , the user is also used as a reference .

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