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Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill

Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill

Bluestone powder vertical mill optimization operation of main purpose is to achieve high quality and stable yield, there are many factors that can influence the vertical mill optimization operation, the technical problems such as the vertical mill, grinding process, vertical mill types, specifications, the physical properties of grinding materials, feed rate and uniformity, product fineness, choose powder efficiency, cyclic load, the grinding pressure, etc., these factors influence each other between each other. This paper introduces several optimization of vertical mill operation.

Adjust water into the grinding material. When material average moisture over drying of mill load, the material will be binding on the roller skinning, form a buffer layer, thereby reducing the grinding efficiency, therefore the abrasive water should be strictly controlled within 12%. According to the mill load, feeding rate of adjustment. In order to give full play to the bluestone powder vertical mill efficiency, make the mill to achieve high yield, must be stable proper feed feed rate, according to the mill's power or current changes, timely adjustment, grinding operations returned to normal. Mill stable work, at ordinary times should not be tinkering with circulation, lest affect system stability, generally in the ingredients or material particle size change again, only to adjust. According to the size of circulation bucket current, calcium carbonate titration value changes, timely adjustment of circulation, make its stability in the proper range. Adjust the hot air to ensure heat balance. Bluestone powder vertical mill is a special equipment in the wind swept mill, only in the drying ability and grinding capability, to achieve dynamic balance to achieve system stability, and therefore must be according to the working condition, properly adjust the hot air, to meet the requirements of grinding for drying. Including hot air temperature and air volume adjustment. Adjustment principle is on the premise of ensure the safety of equipment, should reach fast drying speed, grinding capacity of mill and the drying ability of phase equilibrium, efforts to reduce heat loss.

The Model Of Vertical Mill

According to the development trend of the current domestic powder industry, bluestone powder vertical mill in all kinds of milling equipment is extremely powerful performance advantages, according to production needs, Our plant design and production for two kinds of vertical grinding machine with the LM series vertical mill and LUM series vertical mill. Users according to the grinding material moisture content, granularity, differential pressure, inward and outward parameters such as temperature, air volume system, choose vertical mill type, timely adjust the feed rate of mill and the baffle opening, ensure the grinding efficiency of cement material per hour up to 50 tons. Our plant design and manufacture of vertical mill in pulverized coal fly ash, slag, coarse whiting powder, and play an important role in the process of production, be the first choice of the superfine grinding process equipment, won the praise of customers. Vertical mill is walking along a path of both economic benefit and environmental benefit, represents our country mining grinding equipment in the development direction of the next few years. Different types and models of vertical mill, as well as the different USES of grinding machine, on the technical parameters, when purchasing a milling machine, please refer to our sales staff to provide information.

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