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Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher

Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher

Basalt stone crusher is a kind of the use of impact energy to artificial materials of man-made stone broken broken machines. When materials enter the function zone plate punching, high speed impact and breakage by board lamented, and was into the installation of the counter device on the top of the rotor broken again, and then bounced from the back plate to plate punching area broken again. This process is repeated until the material being broken to the required size, lower discharge by machines. Adjust the clearance between the back frame and rotor can achieve the goal of material particle size and material to change shape. The machine be used after counterattack plate spring safety device, when the gouge into the crushing cavity, fight back, before and after the broken escape from the machine.

Basalt artificial stone crusher as an important equipment of man-made stone crushing processing, the equipment performance is good or bad is directly related to the resources recycling efficiency. So, our crusher manufacturers through the analysis of the structure of crushing plant for its efficient design. Construction waste is the main component of waste concrete and brick, and they are all made of cement and natural sand mixing, these are the important component of the bricks and other building materials. In order to maximize the use of construction waste, should first solve the problem, the big materials of them are broken, only in this way, after the broken small fast material to good reduction performance of natural sand and gravel, implementation of the construction waste recycling. We machinery to build the new type of construction waste crusher.

The Characteristics Of The Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher

Basalt artificial stone crusher crushing larger than, the biggest reduction ratio can reach discharging granularity can be adjusted, and is not affected by plate hammer, liner wear; Article screen Settings, the broken high water content and silt content of material is not easy to jam; Enter not broken by the elastic adjusting mechanism can automatically discharge, not cause equipment damage; Bearing horizontal layout, long life, can break high temperature materials. Basalt stone crusher daughter structure unique, artificial materials, broken turn daughter almost don't wear; Cavity after the establishment of a screw or hydraulic open institution, not the main equipment, wearing parts can be easily replaced.

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