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Ball Grinding Machine Gear Wear

Ball Grinding Machine Gear Wear

Ball Grinding Machine big gear wear cause and wear reduction method

The ball grinding machine is widely used in mining, metallurgy, cement and other industries. It is an important part of the grinding system and has a very large application prospect. The large gear is an important component of the ball grinding machine, and its service life also directly affects the service life of the ball grinding machine.

Theoretical analysis calculates that the life of the large gear of the ball grinding machine is more than 12 years, but the actual use of the large gear is about 5~8 years, and some of them are scrapped even in less than 4 years. The short service life of the large gear not only has a great adverse effect on the normal production operation, but also causes an increase in the cost of repairing and purchasing equipment, which causes great economic losses to the enterprise. This paper mainly introduces the causes of the large gear wear of the ball grinding machine and the method of reducing the wear.

Ball mill big gear wear state

In the process of meshing transmission, the tooth surface has two operating states, namely rolling and sliding. When the running speed of the gear changes rapidly, if the lubrication is not in place or the contact surface pressure is large, metal contact phenomenon will occur, and the friction will cause the gear. There are two cases of grinding wear: there are protrusions and depressions on the friction surface, and the two parts are fitted to each other during operation. During the relative movement, the convex part may be elastically deformed, or may be scraped to cause falling off, thereby causing fatigue. Sexual ablation; if the contact pressure is relatively large, solid phase welding will occur, and the wear generated in the process can be expressed as: the friction surface is slipped, the adhesion point is torn apart, and then the adhesion and tearing are repeated, resulting in the friction surface being damaged. Destruction, at the same time, further exacerbates gear wear.

In addition, the hard particles will also cause a certain degree of surface scratching and surface material shedding during the friction process. This phenomenon is called abrasive wear, and the wear mechanism can be attributed to micro-cutting, extrusion spalling, and fatigue damage.

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