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Analysis of Gear Wear of Vertical Mill

Analysis of Gear Wear of Vertical Mill

Guide: Gears have a very important influence on the working process of the vertical mill, but in the production, the parts will wear out. Here is a description of the wear and tear, what are the hazards to the equipment? problem.

For the working process of the vertical mill, those parts directly involved in the material crushing process are more susceptible to wear and tear, the degree of wear is different, and the impact on the working process of the equipment is different, and the wear of different parts is The impact is also different. Here is to introduce the phenomenon that the gear of the machine is worn in the production, and what are the problems caused by the equipment.

Analyze the causes of gear wear

Generally speaking, when the vertical mill is working, the phenomenon of gear wear is mainly due to the poor working environment of the equipment. The rotation of the gear will be seriously polluted by the dust particles, if the part is affected by the entire tooth width. If the force is not uniform, it is easy to cause bending and torsional deformation of the gear shaft. In addition, the time for the gear pair to bear the load in the transmission is greatly prolonged, which is an important cause of excessive gear wear.

Introduce the hazards of gear wear

In the production of vertical mills, if the gears are worn, the impact is different according to the wear situation. In the initial stage of wear, the equipment can also perform normal work. If the wear is serious, the material shredding may be insufficient. This phenomenon will cause the output to drop and the unevenness of the finished particles. When the damage occurs, the gear can no longer assist the working process of the vertical mill. At this time, there is a phenomenon that the material cannot be ground. The part has been replaced, and the replacement process will result in an increase in cost;

The article mainly introduces the analysis of gear wear of vertical mills. Firstly, it introduces the causes of gear wear, and then analyzes the damage caused by wear phenomena to the production process. Through the introduction of these two aspects, we need in production. Reducing the wear of the gears is mainly achieved by means of maintenance and reasonable operation of the equipment.

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